9,717 Free Downloadable Fonts

Selima Font

Selima The Script font features beautiful brush patterns with a baseline, making it an eye-catching font ideal for drawing attention-getting messages and adding a personal touch to designs.

Aidan Romantic Script Font

Aidan copperplate calligraphy style features dramatic and romantic movements. Ideally suited to invitations to events or greeting cards with naturalistic designs; perfect for watercolor-based items that need a

Halis Grotesque Font

Halis Grotesque Font

Halis Grotesque font family comes in eight weights: normal and italic – as well as small caps in all forms (both italic and regular). Furthermore, all weights feature

Debby Font

Debby typeface is an original hand drawn brush typeface created to make your work appear natural and intimate, featuring irregular characters with bouncy and rough forms that speak

thirsty script

Thirsty Script Font

Thirsty Script Rough by Yellow Design Studio is an enhanced, more weathered variant of Thirsty Script that showcases texture. Capturing the true characteristics of printing with letterpress, it


Avant Garde Gothic Font

ITC Avant Garde Gothic is an ITC font family inspired by the typeface used for Avant Garde magazine logos and headlines by Herb Lubalin of Lubalin Design LLC


Proxima Nova Font

Proxima Nova font family was developed from Proxima Sans, originally released in 1994. While initially only six fonts (three weights with italics) were released initially, these have since


Brandon Grotesque Font

Brandon Grotesque is a sans serif family featuring six weights and italics created by Hannes von Dohren in 2009/10 and inspired by geometric-style sans serif designs popular during


Avenir Next Font

Avenir Next Pro offers an exciting twist to traditional design. A project was undertaken with this goal in mind and achieved extraordinary success; creating an exceptionally superior sans


Intro Font

The Intro font family comprises 50 distinctive font styles, weights and designs, distinguished by outstanding legibility in print as well as online environments, beautiful geometric finishes and optimized


Brandon Text Font

Brandon Text is an accompanying type family to Brandon Grotesque and designed for longer texts as well as screens of smaller sizes. It stands taller than its Grotesque


Univers Font

Adrian Frutiger designed Univers for Charles Peignot at Deberny & Peignot using Swiss principles, adhering to strict rules that allowed its creation on Swiss principles. Frutiger enforced these


Trade Gothic Font

Jackson Burke designed the initial versions of Trade Gothic in 1948 and worked to perfect additional weights and styles until 1960 while serving as director of type development



Albert-Jan Pool of Dutch design expert Albert-Jan Pool developed this sans FontFont between 1995 and the year. It features 20 weights ranging from Light up to Black that

Frutiger Font

Adrian Frutiger was charged with designing an electronic sign and directional system for Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport in 1968, when it opened. While many expected him to

Futura PT Font

Futura has emerged as the definitive 20th century Geometric Sans serif style. Dating back 25 centuries, when Cretans wrote Greek capitals onto Gortyn Code stone tablets during Pythagoras


Museo Sans Font

Museo Sans is an adaptation of Museo and offers robust geometric lines with low contrast for easy reading, ideal for display and text applications. Museo Sans is an


Museo Slab Font

Museo Slab combines the robust structure and ease of Museo with semi-slab serifs to form a great pairing with Museo Sans. Museo… It all started when my love


Avenir Font

Adrian Frutiger created Avenir in 1988 after years of studying sans serif fonts. According to an interview with Linotype, Frutiger claimed it was his responsibility to design a


Squealer Font

Squealer Font comes with an open license that permits commercial use at no cost for desktop license. This enables users to download fonts onto a computer and use